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DATE: March 13-28, 1999
San Matias Gulf

Report on the expedition by the Delphos Group to the San Matias Gulf area from 13th. to 28th. of March, 1999.

1.- Set camp between the southern end of El Fuerte Hill and the sea.

2.- Surveyed the front side of El Fuerte from the southeast end to the Pier.

3.- Found more manually worked flagstones among the ruins of the collapsed front side, which were photographed.

4.- Found flagstones covered with a vitrified substance with drawings, which were photographed.

5.- Found logs 40 cm long, some of them petrified and some crystallized, which were photographed. Brought one as a sample.

6.- Surveyed the Pier (breakwater of an allegedly artificial origin) and confirmed that its southern end or embankment has an irregular shape resembling a 4-dock formation. Its northern end or embankment is smooth and regular, with a slope composed of piled-up rocks.

7.- On the pier, a lot of petrified logs approximately 40 cm long were found.

8.- On the night of March 19th., a puma or "American lion" came as an unexpected visitor to the camp, but was successfully, bravely scared away by F. Flugerto Martí (who became aware of the kind of beast he had fought away only by the following morning).

9.- On March 20th., El Fuerte was climbed up to its upper plateau, and a large portion of its southern side was surveyed.

10.- A supposedly former "wall" formed by piled-up stones apparently glued by a sort of substance resembling white limestone cement, could be photographed.

11.- Photographed and took a sample of a kind of cascading concrete terrace located on the west side.

12.- Discovered and photographed a strange circle of 30 m in diameter, where bushes appear carbonized on the surface, and a very peculiar, soft grass, which is not typical of the place, has grown covering the whole area (samples of carbonized logs were collected).

13.- Visited the Templar Stone one more time, and took new, more detailed pictures.

14.- Photographed a peculiar element, a kind of "totem" found by villagers, with engravings characteristic of a highly developed culture, quite different from any other object ever made in America.

Ing. Fernando M. Fluguerto Martí

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